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Forsyth County Considers Bow Hunting Events to Control Deer Population

Credit: iStock

Forsyth County officials are contemplating hosting bow hunting events at the Shakerag water reclamation facility to manage the growing deer population. During the May 21 work session, Assistant County Manager Tony Tarnacki explained that residents have raised concerns about deer damaging landscaping and causing traffic accidents. Urban wildlife biologist Emily Rapach highlighted that urban sprawl and abundant local gardens contribute to the deer population boom, which negatively impacts native plants and smaller animal habitats.

The Board of Commissioners, while generally open to the idea, showed some hesitancy. Commissioner Todd Levent suggested smaller, more frequent events to address safety concerns, while Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills pointed out the community’s eagerness for such hunting opportunities. Rapach reassured that bow hunting from elevated positions is safe, emphasizing lower injury rates compared to other sports. The proposed plan includes two hunting events in September and October, with further discussions scheduled for the June 6 formal business meeting.