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Emory Hillandale Hospital’s Upgrades

Credit: iStock

In a significant enhancement to healthcare services in DeKalb County, Emory Hillandale Hospital has unveiled expansive upgrades, demonstrating a remarkable utilization of federal and county funds. Thanks to a substantial $12 million allocation from the American Rescue Plan, championed by DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond and other local leaders, the hospital has made critical advancements in its facilities and services. The enhancements include a renovated emergency room, an updated intensive care unit, and the addition of essential imaging equipment like a new CT scanner. These improvements come in response to the closure of Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center in 2022, which had left a substantial void in the local healthcare landscape.

Moreover, Emory Hillandale is set to introduce a pioneering hospital-based violence prevention program. Funded with $1 million of the allocated budget, this initiative aims to address both the symptoms and causes of violence within the community, providing a proactive approach to healthcare. The hospital’s strategic enhancements and the upcoming violence prevention program underscore a commitment to not only meet immediate health needs but also to foster long-term community well-being. As Emory Hillandale continues to adapt and expand, it sets a precedent for how local and federal resources can be leveraged to significantly elevate healthcare standards and accessibility.